Уникатни цветни аранжмани и подароци за секоја прилика.

Flowers & gifts

Our vision, mission & passion.

A recognizable brand that has been setting standards in the world of flowers for years.

Professionalism, quality and kindness are the epithets from which we do not deviate. Gladiola flowers & gifts, finds its beginnings in 1996, starting as a small family business, which is based on love for the aesthetics and high quality of various plants and carefully selected flowers that with their elegance and delicacy bring the buyers in a romantic, fragrant world in which they have the opportunity to choose the best for themselves or as a gift for their loved ones.
Gladiola flowers & gifts, gets its name right after the gentle and fragrant summer princess – gladiola, which is a kind of trademark of our little kingdom.

In order to celebrate the beauty of flowers that undoubtedly bring a dose of grace and luxury in our lives, we create art from them – we create, we make and deliver unique flower arrangements and gifts, with great care and love, which whenever they arrive in the hands of the one for whom they are intended, cause a smile.

Experienced hands and a kind team will help you choose the perfect gift for your loved ones, making every day special and unforgettable. Whether it is an ordinary day or a special occasion, Gladiola flowers & gifts are here to help you realize every magical and fairy-tale reality.

We carefully choose each flower – potted or cut, starting from the idea of ​​quality and luxury, which is why our choice is the imported exclusive flowers from the Netherlands and Ecuador. The passion and the huge assortment of flowers, plants and decorative materials set us apart from the rest, making us a favorite place for buyers who enjoy the personalized approach and the opportunity to get more than they imagined.